Natural and Legal Entity Tax Planning

Natural and Legal Entity Tax Planning

Given their direct effect on company profitability, a careful analysis of the tax laws and the complex structure of the current tax system is extremely important. Allowing tax legislation be followed, interpreted and evaluated by a structure other than one that is professional and corporate may lead to companies facing difficulties in applying the correct tax to obtained revenues.

How Can Consulta Help You?

Our professional team go to great efforts to minimize tax burdens within legal boundaries, to restructure companies and to determine all tax-related advantages. Our tax planning services: • Planning tax within the scope of income tax law for unlimited companies and limited partnerships, • Planning tax for corporate taxpayers and group companies, • Planning tax for investor individuals and organization. 1- Tax Planning for Real Entities Tax legislation preserves its complex and variable structure also in terms of real entities. In this regard, real entities that lack a full knowledge of their tax obligations and may not be able to benefit from all available discounts and exceptions in a timely manner. We provide tax consultancy services to real entities in order to help them fulfil their obligations and minimize their legal obligations. 2- Tax Planning for Capital Companies and Groups Keeping the tax amount to be paid by a corporate taxpayer companies at an optimum level is only possible through good tax planning, which: should consider statutory provisions regarding hidden income and capital, OECD practices regarding transfer pricing, agreements preventing double taxation, judicial decisions related to taxation and other legal issues, and all tax and commercial legislation. Only then it will be possible to make the best of the opportunities presented by the tax system without violating tax legislation. Our experienced team will come up with the best plan for each company. 3- Consultancy for Investors The increasing need for foreign investors to know local procedures, and for local investors to understand global risk factors associated with the recent increase in the volume of international investment and trade is fulfilled by our expert team and deep knowledge. A preparation process that keeps pace of with international standards is essential in improving investments, and Consulta takes this into account by providing the right solutions to its customers. We provide our services with full awareness of the need for investors to work more carefully and meticulously as a result of the unstable economic and politic conditions in Turkey. In determining the income and risk balance of the investor, we offer services that help the investor in such processes as risk forecasting and measurement, who are then able to balance their income based on this forecast.

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