Public Offering Consultancy

Public Offering Consultancy

Support is provided in the following subjects to companies making a public offering at both strategic and practical levels:

Developing a Public Offer Strategy
Determining the “objective” of the public offering, defining “strategic effects” and “significant criteria”, “completing company valuations”.

Preparing an Application Plan
Determining “management principles”, taking “required decisions”, completing “legal operations”, tracking “stock markets”, conducting “sector and rival analyses”, preparing “technical procedures” for the public offering and market maker.

Restructuring for Public Offerings
Reviewing “partnership structures”, “affiliates”, “organizational structures” and “human resources profiles”, and especially in the financial departments, the “financial systems”, “management structure”, ”internal supervision system” and “management procedures of the company”, while making the required preliminary preparations.

Consultation in the Preparation of a Prospectus

Selecting consortium leaders and members that will arbitrate in a public offering, preparing applications to the CMB and Istanbul Stock Exchange, performing audits, performing pre-public offer advertisement and image activities, completing the process for the preparation of a “research report” and “prospectus” together with the consortium leader.

Reviewing Strategic Factors and Taking Decisions

Reviewing strategic factors to ensure the success of a public offering, including “timing”, “pricing” and “distribution policy”, and taking decisions.

Conducting Independent Audits and Preparing Auditor Reports

Fulfilling the independent audit obligations for the financial statement prior to a public offering.

Conducting an independent comparative audit of the financial statements of the latest interim period, or an independent audit of the annual financial statements of the last three years, as required.

Auditing the compatibility of the pro forma financial information included in a public offering prospectus, and if any, profit estimates.

Fulfilling any obligatory independent audit of financial statements after a public offering.

Conducting an independent comparative limited audit of financial statements for a six-month interim period, as well as the annual independent audit of financial statements for each fiscal year.

 Managing Public Offering Processes
Prior to Public Offering
During Public Offering
After Public Offering

Public Offering Preparations and Preliminary Surveys
Independent Audits
Work Plan Creation
Support for Sales of Non-Operating Assets
Tax Consultation
Internal Audits
Internal Control Services
Financial Reporting
Transition to Corporate Risk Management
Internal Control Services
Financial Reporting
Transition to Corporate Risk Management
Managing Relations with CMB and Istanbul Stock Exchange
Intermediary Company Selection
Law Consultancy
Introductory Operation Support
Establishing an Investment Relations Department
Independent Audits
Investor Relations Management
Financial Reporting
Applying Corporate Management Principles

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