Consulta provides both general and custom audit service.

It oversees all practices of companies in the field of labor and social security to determine whether existing practices comply with the laws no 5510 and 4857 as well as with the legislation.

The actions to be taken after this inspection are reported to companies, and the findings and solutions of problems are conveyed to company officials in a meeting held after the audit process. In this way, companies become ready for ministerial inspections.

Within the scope of this service, Consulta offers assistance in labor contracts, workplace internal regulations, personnel files, subcontractor-principal employer practices and contracts as well as other practices and payroll supervisions. Consulta offers advantageous solutions to companies by examining all deductions and payment items on payroll through payroll audit.  Moreover, it audits the compliance of workplace notifications with the respective legislations besides recruitment and termination procedures of the insured employees. 

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