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According to the University of Pennsylvania's "Global Go To Think Tanks” report, Ambrosetti is one of the best private think tanks. The first Italian think tank in this list, Ambrosetti ranks fourth in Europe and sixteenth in the World. 
The European House Ambrosetti was established as an independent think tank and consultancy firm in Italy in 1965. One of the best private think tanks according to the University of Pennsylvania's 2014 "Global Go To Think Tanks” report, Ambrosetti ranks fourth in Europe and sixteenth in the World as the first Italian think tank in this list. In addition to training top executives, Ambrosetti is renowned for the seminars and conferences like ‘Intelligence on the World, Europe and Italy’, ‘CEO Club’ it organizes for the heads of state, Nobel laureates, and world-renowned businessmen. Consulta is the only Turkish representative of The European House Ambrosetti, which operates in almost 20 countries in the World. 
Ambrosetti has developed services, tools, and innovative methodologies for the firms, geographical regions, and business sectors of all sizes. Ambrosetti shares all its knowledge accumulation through its 3 spheres of activity: management consultancy, professional services, and workshops and forums.


Consulta is the Management consultancy partner of Aris in Turkey. Aris is the Process Modeling and Analysis Tool of Software AG, which is one of the world's biggest software companies.

Software AG enables corporations to achieve operational efficiency and modernize their systems by means of big data, integration, and business processes technologies through its over 4,600 employees in 70 countries. It also gives them support in optimizing their existing systems to take smarter decisions and serving better. Under the guidance of the product families such as Adabas-Natural, ARIS, Alfabet, Apama, Terracotta, and webmethods, the company has been maintaining its customer-oriented innovation approach for more than 40 years and is the world leader in 14 different market categories today. CONSULTA is the consultancy, training and implementation partner of ARIS, which is the Process Modeling and Analysis Tool of Software AG, in Turkey.



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) constitute the machine learning process that handles high-volume and repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform, and allows using the technology fast and efficiently.

With the Robotic Process Automation, attainment of business continuity and efficiency boost in your operations can become independent of human efforts through the automatically running algorithms called “robots”.

Thanks to UiPath RPA technology that we have blended with Consulta Management and Technology Consultancy business processes transformation and engineering experience, you can save costs possible to arise from human error and also enable skilled human resources to focus on value-added tasks, and as a result gain from this digital transformation.

Consulta Management Consultancy is Turkish representative of BOARD Business Intelligence and Performance Management, which is a Swiss-based global brand engaged in strategic planning and technological applications of integrated performance management.
BOARD International has allowed over 3000 companies across the world to install their Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) applications quickly on a single integrated platform that requires no programming for much less time and cost required by traditional BI solutions. While planning and monitoring performance from strategic details to operational ones in a unique way, BOARD platform offers a unique, correct, and complete image of corporation's situation in a manner fully integrated with the corporate processes. BOARD has direct sale power and a network of dealers with local partners all over the world.
BOARD 10, the latest version of the BOARD platform, enables the corporations to build an all-in-one decision management environment that combines BI and CPM with the security of the Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, on site or in the cloud. BOARD 10 also offers the "Fast Data Tracking" system, which is a new self-service data modeling function that allows corporate users to connect to all data sources easily, create data models instantly, and make visual analyses or create analytical applications immediately with their own PCs.



Believing that business intelligence solutions must be for business units, Qlik Business Discovery and Analysis Platform is focused on the principle of a simple decision-making processes as much as possible, and thus has become an alternative to the complex, cumbersome, and hard-to-manage-and-use approach of traditional business intelligence platforms. The innovative and leader company of the business intelligence sector, Qlik offers services to corporations by working together with the consultancy companies that are specialized on necessary processes, methodology, and technology.


Centric Software

Centric Software offers a Digital Transformation Platform for the most prestigious names in the fashion, retail, footwear, luxury consumption, outdoor, and consumption products sectors from its center in the Silicon Valley and the trend centers all over the world.

Centric Software's PLM solution Centric 8 Platform has been developed particularly by considering the needs of these sectors. It exhibits an easy-to-use, completely web-based "single source of truth" approach to product planning, global supply, calendar management, material management, quality management, collection management, technical design, and retail.

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