Digital and Analytics

As Consulta, our digital transformation value proposition is to combine the services we offer within the scope of management consultancy with technology, to develop innovative and original solutions that will meet the needs of our customers in digital transformation. We consider digital transformation with the perspective of efficiency, speed and experience; We think that the main purpose of this concept is to increase the customer experience by developing solutions that respond to the changing customer's needs by using the developing technology trends. In this context, we use emerging technologies such as the determination of digital transformation strategies of companies, digital modeling of all business ways of the company and automation of business processes, robotic process automation, system integration, API management, internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence in line with the needs of our customers. We are doing value-based studies that will make it happen. Digitization certainly brings with it an increase in the amount of data. Data is the greatest power of today's companies, and in order to use this power effectively, it is necessary to understand the components of data and how data from different systems together create an insight. As Consulta Analytics team, we aim to work with our customers to gain analytical competencies by combining the expertise of strategy and management consultancy with analytical competencies. Thus, we aim to support companies in reading data correctly, analyzing it well, making advanced predictions using data, and making strategic decisions based on data.

Our solution partners

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