• Insurance Premium Incentives

Consulta effectively works in a customized manner to reduce employee costs in companies. In order to reduce the burden of Social Security Institution premiums on the companies, Consulta analyzes suitable  incentive opportunities, calculate and report incentive amounts for all employees. In the incentive consultancy model based on a win-win system, employers acquire a structure that enables gaining without incurring any extra burden.

The company does not take any risks since Consulta undertakes this risks that may arise by signing a consultancy agreement.

The employers has a huge burden on the wage which is a significant cost input by itself.

Insurance and unemployment insurance premiums are also important cost items.

An insured employee subject to all insurance benefits brings a premium burden of 37.5% on an employer, who does not benefit from any incentive.

The insurance incentives of Turkish Employment Agency reduce this burden highly, providing a cost advantage.

However, difficulty in applying these incentives, the need for a separate analysis for each employee and business, and the high degree of responsibility make it impossible and very risky for companies to do this procedure alone.

For this reason, Consulta provides services in this field with its professional and competent team and minimizes the cost for companies. Consulta informs companies regarding constantly updated incentive laws and prepares analysis reports for companies, which want to take advantage from these incentives. Besides preparing customized incentive reports for companies, Consulta also conducts analyses of risks that may result in losing these incentives. 

Consulta does not demand any prepayment for incentive consulting, and invoices its service to the extent of the financial benefit gained by the companies through this service.

There are 3 models in benefiting from insurance premiums and incentives.

These are as follows:

  • From 01.03.2011 to this date – Retrospective

This model covers transactions of companies that apply legally to Social Security Institution to benefit from retrospective incentives until 01.06.2018.

The application process is critical here, because companies, which did not apply, were deemed to have lost the right to retrospective incentives as in this model.

  • The Last 6 Months Before Each Period - 6-Months Period Retrospective

In this model, each application is legally compulsory to benefit retrospectively from the incentives of the preceding 6-month period. The application procedure is also very critical in this model, because companies, which do not apply during this period, will be deemed to have lost the right to benefit from the retrospective incentive for periods before 6 months.

  • Current Period Incentives

This model covers instant support provided without any application procedure or obligation. Consulta conducts monthly analysis to ensure that companies benefit from these current incentives during their relative legal notifications.

  • Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) Program Incentives

Consulta offers qualified workforce and cost advantage to employers with ISKUR programs.

The companies that employ qualified workers thanks to ISKUR On-the-Job Program, benefit from an incentive that also significantly reduces their cost since employer insurance premium is paid by ISKUR.

However, most of the companies miss the chance to take advantage from this due to the complexity and difficulty of the procedures. In order to prevent this situation, Consulta helps companies hire employees through ISKUR based on the qualifications of the organization and the job, and benefit from the incentive.

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