Business Intelligence programs are frequently discussed in recent years due to their ability to improve efficiency and accelerate decision making. These programs are used in solving widely and frequently faced problems of companies such as loss of time and labor, data inconsistency, difficulty in accessing data, uncertain data and report contents, definition pollution and data management challenge. They offer fast, effective and simple reporting, viewing and business development solutions so that all data sources of the company are correctly analyzed and combined. 


Business Intelligence programs enable strategies to be implemented correctly and in line with the plans by fulfilling all the needs of the company with their estimation, performance management, budget management, management reporting system and top management dashboard screens.


Business Intelligence programs

- are used for planning the resources required to achieve company goals by making estimations for the future. These programs, which are used effectively in determining key performance criteria and conducting variance and root analyses based on past data, are also used in making future estimations and running and applying different scripts. 

- facilitate and accelerate budget planning and control through instant analyses and queries. These business intelligence programs that run in integration with all processes offer up-to-date and dynamic reporting, and thus facilitate performance management and financial analyses, saving time and labor.

- enable top management and decision makers to make better and faster decisions, accessing tracked reports and performance indicators instantly on management dashboards. Reports are prepared in the desired format with simple visualizations. 


As Consulta Management and Technology Consulting, we offer our clients solutions using various different Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management tools. We align the budgets and the strategies of companies with the help of Business Intelligence programs and create the plans and roadmaps required for our clients to achieve their targets.

Managing the corporate performance analytically and digitally is considered as a building block of digitalization. We build the required structures and processes so that Corporate Performance Management is effective and dynamic for our clients. In short, Business Intelligence tools help our clients sustain their know-how and help them develop their business by

identifying compatible Strategies and Targets, defining the required actions,
preparing Project, Budget and Script Plans,
ensuring accuracy and effectiveness of Reports and Analyses,

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