Digital transformation is the systematic and holistic transformation of organizations, which are managed with conventional systems, including the digitalization of their structural elements such as end-to-end processes, culture and physical assets.
The organizations on this transformation path free themselves from old habits like non-standardized documentation and task repetition to achieve their final goal of becoming "digital businesses"
and focus on competition strategies like differentiation, innovation and customer experience to fulfill the needs of the digital age.
Consulta Business and Technology Consulting aims to support organizations in this journey towards digital transformation
and to help them offer more effective and efficient services.

Organizations that prioritize digital transformation build corporate management systems with optimum analyzability along with versatile and technology-driven decision support systems. To build these;

 transformation activities should be initiated rapidly given that we are in an age that technology rapidly evolves, and agile approaches should be adopted as a methodology when unforeseen circumstances develop,
 continuity of daily operations should be ensured and transformation projects should support the current situation with rapid gains,
 all stakeholders should have a voice and totally open communication mediums should be established
internal organization should be in line with the regulations such as the Law on Protection of Personal Data, knowledge should be centralized and data update should be controlled,
 processes should be reviewed externally rather than internally, the experience should be managed from the perspective of the clients,
 technological innovations should be followed closely and the employees should be encouraged to use state-of-the-art technologies,
"Digital Business" concept should be internalized by all stakeholders.

Organizations with the vision to become Digital Businesses start this process by analyzing their own business models. Consulta Business and Technology Consulting acts as an employee of these organizations that want to create a difference, and uses the state-of-the-art technologies to offer boutique and high-quality consulting services with its expert team, successful international relationships and strong references in areas such as 

- Business processes analytics,
- Process approval management and continuous improvement in process lifecycle,
- Enterprise architecture & IT portfolio management,
Hybrid integration and API management,
- Device integration and device management.

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