Human Resources Management

High performance can only be achieved by the effective use of all the corporate resources.

Besides the resources like technological infrastructure and financial capital, human resources stand out as the most hard-to-get and hard-to-retain resource of success critical for organizations to survive in today's increasingly competitive business world.

The key of retaining human resources is to improve employee experience. Employee experience is a journey that starts when the employees first apply for the job and ends when the employees leave their job. Improving this journey is only possible by collecting data and conducting analysis at every phase of this experience. 

Processes such as workforce planning, recruitment, pricing and ranking, orientation, individual performance management, career and improvement plans, talent management, succession planning, employer brand, employee loyalty and exit interviews are all parts of the employee experience. It is required to design this entire experience from scratch and review each HR process as a part of this new design.

Technology allows all HR processes to be setup and executed on a software. This software may offer data that is required to create an insight. It may start from the basic demographic data of the employees and include all processes from performance evaluations, succession planning, talent management to most complex cultural analyses.

Our consultants work together with clients to harmonize HR practices with corporate vision, mission and business strategies. Our consultants offer all kinds of services regarding human resources and organization effectiveness to achieve a flawless business performance through employees by focusing mainly on areas such as change, learning and development, performance management, HR analytics, employee experience design and workforce planning. Moreover, services are available regarding the infrastructure and process preparations of HR for digital transformation.

Organizations invest high amounts into development projects such as strategic planning, restructuring, process redesign, technology and IT to keep up with the changing global economic system. However, the impact and sustainability of the achieved change are mostly less than expected. The reason behind this disappointment is to fail to emphasize the change management in an organization's projects. Our experts help organizations introduce awareness to their employees of the need for change, and improve and motivate them to apply this change successfully.

Performance Management

It is required to establish a competence model exhibiting the behaviors required to be displayed by employees in line with corporate strategies and to identify the performance expected from them. Thus, integrated processes, programs and practices should be designed to improve and retain employees. Consulta consultants assist in creating and putting into use a competence model that includes knowledge, skill, talent and behavior attributes for distinguishing superior performance in any task, business or organization. Moreover, they offer coaching in building and applying a performance management system and creating a feedback culture.

Human Resources Analytics

Improving employee experiences and ensuring corporate resource efficiency became priorities of HR Professionals recently. Analyzing HR data enable both improving employee experiences and recognizing opportunities for identifying the efficiency areas.

Our consulting team provides support in identifying HR process data to be collected, choosing data collection methods, collecting data, conducting data analysis to improve experience and identify efficiency areas, designing projects for improvement in identified efficiency areas. As a result;

•the opportunities for digitalizing HR processes are used,

•the infrastructure for HR analytics is built and the regular analyses are standardized,

•saving opportunities are identified in processes for efficient use of human resources,

•and employee experience is redesigned and improved.

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