In today's world where both customer expectations and competition requirements increased, the organizations are forced to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions. Just like offering new products and services to the market in an effective manner, managing lifecycles of existing product and service range in an efficient manner also supports growth.

By utilizing Consulta's methodology, organizations do not limit innovation with only developing new products but rather approach internal and external business processes as a whole. Through optimization as a whole, costs, risks and time spent are minimized and thus innovation and quality are maximized. 

As Consulta, we approach to product development and innovation with a three-pillar system: the strategy driving growth and value, the processes created in line with this strategy, the infrastructure that includes tools and competencies in implementing these processes.

Focus on Strategy through Objectives

We identify product development strategy of organizations in line with their direction of growth by conducting sales and operations analyses based on the global trends, the market and the competitor operations. As a result of detailed market analysis of the market where the company operates, we reveal product development and product portfolio strategies of organizations on the basis of targeted market and prepare a corporate roadmap.

Optimize Processes

We enable organizations to analyze all processes from research to idea collection, from concept development to design and from prototype to production. Moreover, we identify process improvement areas and restructure processes to support the strategy. We develop solutions based on sector dynamics and best practices with our expert consultants for different sectors from manufacturing to retail. We ensure that all metrics for both developed product and the development process are identified, measured and tracked to be able to assess product development performance. 

Establish Systematic and Operational Infrastructure

We ensure end-to-end monitoring and optimization of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). We assist our clients to improve competencies, to build systems and to establish infrastructure.

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