The common concern of organizations all around the world is to draw meaningful conclusions from their data. Therefore, companies started to change their approach to big data and to shape their strategies based on big data while stepping into the future. Big data will be their only focus point in the future.

When company data is examined, we see that most of it is location-based. Location-based data serves as a connector that reveals the relations between various data bundles.

Location-based data is map layered, and thus it may be analyzed visually. The focus of the companies is to generate insights from these data and improve their business intelligence skills.

How to benefit from location-based data?

It is used to create supportive insights in all decision making processes including marketing, supply chain, logistics and other operations.


Separating data collected with traditional methods based on locations is used in defining different profiles, segments and shopping behaviors by creating data sets of demographics and lifestyles.

Customer habits can also be monitored visually and analytically on the basis of time and situation.

Location Optimization

Location Optimization may be performed for many different organizations from different sectors. Identifying the locations of businesses such as retail stores, manufacturing firms, plants-distribution sites, dealers, suppliers and bank branches is supportive in terms of optimization and defining possible scenarios.

Risk Management

Risk Management is handled analytically from different aspects. Looking at the risk factors that may affect organizations, we see that location-based analytical solutions stand out in decreasing the risks that may negatively impact production, supply and distribution networks such as the regional impacts of natural disasters and economic sanctions.  Location Analytics can develop the possible future scenarios with the help of both instant and predictive simulations visualizing the production, supply and distribution networks, and also support creating new strategies.

Location Analytics becomes one of the top priorities for organizations in the global market that is more and more competitive everyday. At this point, we, as Consulta Business Consulting, offer consulting services in the area of Location Analytics using technology strategies.

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