2019 is expected to be a good year for technology companies and organizations using their big data and product processes smartly for ensuring development and correct use of products, and to lead them to the next level in their markets.

While the previous Industrial Revolution utilized physical and mechanical powers, this new revolution will benefit from intellectual and cognitive capabilities. One day, computers will replace not just manual work but also intellectual work. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are thought to be the greatest innovations after microchip. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence enabling the statistical methods and algorithms used by computers to learn from the processed data to fulfill a task without being explicitly asked for it. The training data enable creation of models through algorithms. Machine learning model is the product that emerges after training the machine learning algorithms with the provided data.

Today, we can say that there are numerous fields where machine learning is used. Data-oriented global economies lead to different needs especially in the field of digital transformation. Some of these are mentioned below.

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management,

IoT, Predictive Maintenance,

Customization and Prevention of Customer Loss,

Data Safety,

Real-time Analytics (Streaming Analytics),

Data Integration Preparation and Management,

Sales Revenue Estimation,

Personal Security

are fields that stand out. Since organizations are under competitive pressure, demand for machine learning algorithms increases every day. At Consulta Business Consulting, we offer consulting services regarding machine learning to enable our clients to be more competitive by implementing right technology strategies for their changing needs.

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