How does IoT, big data and Predictive Maintenance impact the routine equipment maintenance in your plant? 


Smart production is the soul of Industry 4.0. Digitalized world gifted us the concept "smart plant". Equipment maintenance plays a critical role in smart plants. Following the IoT trend in the industry, numerous machines began to be equipped with sensors required to collect numerous data. After combining data coming from these sensors with analytical models, Predictive Maintenance concept emerged to improve the efficiency of your plant and equipment.


Predictive Maintenance is the technique of predicting the possible failing point of a machine component for the future, so that this component can be replaced before it fails based on a set plan. This way, equipment downtime is minimized and component life is maximized.


With Predictive Maintenance,
put into action a maintenance plan defined based on risk forecasts and minimize unscheduled downtime.
identify the most efficient value of the machinery and equipment by going to the root causes of the failures.
reduce the malfunction time by supplying the required machinery and equipment spare parts beforehand, monitoring failure possibilities.

ensure the safety of your people by eliminating occupational safety issues that may emerge with failures.


As Consulta,
we help you minimize the machinery and equipment failures in your company through our Predictive Maintenance approach that uses big data and IoT. Moreover, we prepare customized, effective, easy-to-apply maintenance plans whose success may be monitored, by combining our experience in different sectors and your know-how to minimize unscheduled downtimes.

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