Turquality Program continues since 2004 to strengthen corporate structure of Turkish companies, support them in creating global brands, increase their export, create brand recognition both in Turkey and overseas and reinforce the positive implications of "Made in Turkey" label. All companies that market products and services in fields like textile, ready-to-wear, fast moving consumer goods, furniture, electronics, gastronomy, logistics, accommodation and tourism can apply to the program regardless of being B2B or B2C. 

Turquality Program is the most comprehensive brand incentive program supporting organizations financially in different ways like

•improving stakeholder and top management visions; 

•supporting branding process and international competition level; 

•providing market intelligence to be used while creating strategies;

•encouraging corporate strategies and operational plans;

•training managers, who will bring the change;

•financing processes for corporate restructuring;

•establishing international connections for entering into new markets and segments, etc. 

Support is provided for

•overseas promotions, advertisement and marketing activities, 

•expenses of Overseas Divisions, 


•corporate consulting and software licenses, 

•costs concerning overseas location search, regulations, municipality services etc., 

•environment, quality and human health certifications, 

•patent, utility model, industrial design and brand registration expenses,

•payments made to fashion/industrial product designers, product development experts and cooks/chefs.

Being in this program that started with the vision of creating successful Turkish brands in the global arena is not just about the incentives or the financial support, but it is also important for the companies to improve themselves organizationally, the employees to improve themselves in line with their companies and the network of Turquality Program members to improve perception about Turkey. 

In this sense, the effective and successful management of program operations requires the company to perceive Turquality Program as an opportunity for constant improvement and development, and assign Change & Development Leaders to be in charge of the program. 

As Consulta, we support companies in their journey through Turquality Program that is an important vision for both organizational development and international branding by assisting them in Preparation to Audit, Strategy Business Planning and Post-Program Improvement Roadmap. 

We prepare your company to Turquality Program, identify your corporate improvement areas in line with your vision and strategies, and offer a long-term support for your institutionalization. 

We start by reviewing the status quo of your company in terms of finances, operations, systems and organization, continue by identifying your strengths and improvement areas, and offer you an improvement roadmap in respect of organization, competences and processes. And in following this roadmap agreed by all stakeholders, we, as Consulta, support the improvement of your employees from different departments and levels besides your top management with different approaches such as coaching, training and project management.

In short, Turquality Program is an important opportunity and motivation source for companies that want to take firm yet fast steps towards branding and institutionalization. We offer our extensive Turquality experience gained from different organizations at different scales in years with a management consulting vision so that you optimize the benefit you get from this program.

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