The unclear definitions of process, role and responsibility in the Supply Chain and Sales Divisions cause them to chase uncommon goals, leading to an increasing gap between demand and supply.

Such situations where market demand and supply plans are not balanced cause 

•deceleration in stock flow and decrease in profitability,

•sales under price,

•poor customer service and ultimately negative brand perception.

With Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), both medium- and long-term demands can be estimated and the supply can be organized in line with these estimates. S&OP is a systematic planning process that takes into account both customer management strategies and profitability. Besides its technical returns, it also removes the problem of grouping among the marketing, sales divisions and the supply chain via joint processes.

•Profitability and supply chain performance are improved as a result of the increase in customer service quality and decrease in stock levels;

•A joint plan is created covering all divisions to balance demand and supply per each product;

•Capacity is optimized and the cooperation between divisions is improved through the effective planning of available/new product demands;

•A constant monitoring of common performance indicators is ensured so that all divisions focus on the same goals. 

Consulta Strategy and Analysis teams contribute to the S&OP of clients by offering maturity level analysis, process design, application and tracking assistance.

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