• Retirement Planning

Consulta creates accurate and sound retirement plans for board members, partners, requesting employees and independent parties by checking their insurance status.

Moreover, it supports management of the process in cases of conflict that may arise regarding insurance status.

  • Minimum Labor and Reconciliation

Consulta provides consulting service regarding minimum labor that is applied in numerous sectors, but primarily in construction. 

It identifies the minimum labor rate and manages the procedure to be followed to object to this rate.

Thanks to this service, contractor/primary employer or construction company make their plans reliably since they can more easily get a clearance certificate from Social Security Institution.

Consulta provides consulting before the audits that will be conducted by inspectors of Social Security Institution. It works on solutions for potential problems or objections and presents these solutions to its clients.

Within the scope of this service, Consulta makes all required calculations and provides required guidance using its know-how and experience.

  • Work Permits for Foreign Nationals

Consulta assists Turkish resident companies to fulfill all legal conditions required for an expat to work in Turkey. Within the scope of this service, exemption is ensured if the expat is covered and qualified; if not, work permit procedure is followed and finalized.

  • Training

Consulta periodically offers both face-to-face and online trainings to companies with its expert team.

These trainings focus on areas such as labor law, social security legislation, job security, minimum labor practices, payroll, employment incentives, inspection and litigation processes.

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