Initial Public Offering Advisory

Initial Public Offering Advisory

For companies who want to go public or be listed on a stock exchange, Consulta will provide support both at the strategic level and in the implementation stages. As an independent advisor, Consulta leveraging its know-how in corporate finance and capital markets will help the existing shareholders to partially liquidate their investment without any conflict of interest. Since Consulta does not act as an underwriter, the firm is dedicated to serving the interests of the shareholders and management team.

The market conditions for Initial Public Offering transactions can be volatile, so timing is critical. Keeping this factor in mind, Consulta advises on whether the timing is opportunitistic for the company to issue shares in the market. During the Initial Public Offering Journey, Consulta will conduct a readiness assessment by focusing on areas such as corporate governance, investor relations, human capital, tax and financial reporting and process & controls. Once Consulta has completed a gap analysis, a roadmap is presented to the senior management to ensure that all the requirements are met successfully.

Once the company is better positioned to raise capital, Consulta will work closely with the shareholders and/or management team to determine an ideal share price range along with a well-articulated equity story to position the company.

Besides the functions aforementioned, Consulta will conduct pre-marketing process through the use of techniques such as “pilot-fishing,” roadshows and analyst presentations.

As project manager, Consulta handles the coordination of all the parties (book runner, legal advisors etc.) as well as providing all the required services to successfully undergo through this form of transaction.

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