Consulta offers its know-how and experience of 40 years with the responsibility and awareness of being a prestigious and pioneer organization, which does not compromise on honesty and quality. Having this sense of responsibility and awareness in the field of labor law and social security as well, Consulta provides services to companies with its competent and experienced team.

Within the scope of labor and social security consulting services, Consulta generates effective strategic solutions for companies regarding transactions with the Social Security Institution, termination processes, reinstatement and its calculations, seniority, notice and leave fees, transfer and merger of businesses, labor contracts, establishment of internal regulations, compliance with all legal obligations etc.

  • Bulletin 

Consulta regularly publishes a bulletin to enable companies to follow up with significant changes in legislations and to update their labor and social security practices.

  • Collective Labor Law Consulting

During authorization and negotiation processes of collective labor contracts, Consulta offers consulting services to companies for preparing, interpreting and implementation of the contract and for developing bargaining stragtegies.

With the support of Consulta, companies become aware of all the risks and aspects of the unionization and collective labor law processes.

Moreover, Consulta shares its opinions both verbally and in writing at all stages of collective labor conflicts.

  • Subcontractor - Principal Employer Practices and Consulting

Consulta audits the compliance of outsourced/contracted services with legal procedures and shares its expert opinion. It assists the processes of preparation of contracts with subcontractors and/or suppliers. 

Thus, companies buy services in line with both the Labor Law and the Subcontractor Regulation and prevent potential risks.

  • Administrative Fines and Litigation  Process Consulting

Heavy fines may be imposed to employers due to illegitimate procedures reported by employees as well as due to inspections, examinations, audits performed by inspectors and auditors. To prevent such situations, Consulta informs and provides consulting to companies regarding issues that may be subject to administrative fines.

Consulta offers consulting service for administrative fines, insurance premium differences and other conflicts concerning Labor Law and Social Security Institution. Thus, companies can foresee potential objection and litigation processes and benefit from Consulta's experience in solving such issues.

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