Domestic and Foreign Investor Tax Consultancy

Domestic and Foreign Investor Tax Consultancy

The tax consultancy services that we offer with our expert team, which works in line with the provisions of national and international legislation, are as follows:

National and international tax planning and consultancy; Tax consultancy regarding foreign capital legislation; Solutions through bilateral tax agreements; Tax support during mergers, demergers, transfers, exchanges and liquidations; Consultancy regarding bank and capital market practices and legislations; Taxes for natural entities; and Taxes for expatriates in Turkey.
In today's business environment, the financial services sector continues to face a number of unprecedented pressures. Important developments in legal regulations and corporate management principles, ever-changing customer demands and technological developments have a significant impact on companies in the financial services sector. In addition to all of these, the financial regulations applied by such national and international organizations as the European Union and OECD cause rapid changes in the tax legislation. In such an unstable environment, managing and controlling the tax obligations of national or multinational finance companies operating in the financial services sector has become a highly complex task.

Global Solutions provides services in the business lines of different sectors, but particularly in the global financial services sector. Our experienced professional team possess a deep knowledge of their specialist sectors, which when combined with a strong sense of responsibility, creates added value for our customers and enables us to offer a truly unique service.

Our multidisciplinary approach is the key to our value-added tax consultancy services, providing exactly what companies in the financial sector need. Our tax personnel work as a team not just with your employees, but also with the expert teams of Global Solutions in complimentary fields, such as accounting, legal regulations and risk management. As you will be aware, tax regimes differ significantly from one country to another, and our success in the provision of international tax consultancy services results from the experience and quality of Global Solutions tax experts in the respective country.

We offer tax consultancy services that are exclusive to the finance sector through our team, which is fully aware of the impacts of direct and indirect taxes on financial institutions and the fund structures of these institutions, as well as the tax positions of investors. 

As Global Solutions, the tax services that we offer to our customers in the Financial Services field are as follows:

International financing and income/company tax consultancy, tax consultancy regarding hybrid instruments/organizations; Tax consultancy regarding taxation of revenues obtained from securities, money and capital markets; Tax consultancy regarding capital markets and securitisation; Tax due diligence in company mergers, acquisitions or restructuring in the finance sector; Tax incentives, tax consultancy, full or partial confirmation services for mergers, acquisitions or restructuring in the finance sector; Tax consultancy regarding new product launches; Tax consultancy regarding the restructuring of available products (by combining or transforming etc.); Tax consultancy regarding payments to be made to managers.


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