Full Approval (CPA)

Full Approval (CPA)

The Turkish Tax System is has been established based on the principle that all statements should be in line with the books, and that the books should be based on specific documents in terms of format and content, since all tax payers are assessed based on their statements. Within the framework of Independent Accounting, Independent Accounting and Financial Advisory, and Certified Public Accountant Law No. 3568, some return, set-off and payment transactions are performed automatically, performed provided the documents and records of all taxpayers are approved by Certified Public Accountants. With approvals, the main goal is to enable taxpayers to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves in the event of an inspection by notifying them of possible mistakes that may pose a risk in terms of taxation.

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a) Full Approval Services: Approval of corporate tax returns and attachments (Full Approval) Approval of income tax returns and attachments (Full Approval) Issuing of full approval reports Auditing of legal books and documents and related financial statements in terms of tax legislation Checking conformity of provisional tax returns with legislation Reporting to the management after interim audits b) Other Approval Services: Determining whether capital is paid Determining partner receivables to be added to the capital Determining the capital and profit reserves to be added to the capital Assessing and approving project expenditures for R&D, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate of Turkey, Certified Public Accountants Issuing approval reports regarding the addition of positive differences of equity items to the capital in inflation corrections Approval of exceptional gains from corporate taxes Approval of account documents provided for loan and credit letters requested by banks Issuing production approval reports within the scope of the Special Consumption Tax Carrying out approval processes for other transactions that are taken and/or will be taken, as required by Law No. 3568 and the Tax Procedure Law

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