Tax Return, Set-off

Tax Return, Set-off

Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns And Consultancy Services. Deliveries of goods and services in Turkey are subject to tax within the scope of VAT Law No. 3065. However, since exports of merchandise, export-listed deliveries and exports of services, as specified in Article 11; production, construction, export and servicing of sea and air transportation vehicles, as specified in Article 13; international shipping operations, as specified in Article 14, which are referred to as fully deductible under VAT Law, are not subject to VAT, and any VAT paid in Turkey as a result of these operations is returned with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) report that will be issued following inspection. Returns that are in compliance with the international agreement provisions cited in Article 19/2 of VAT Law, and returns resulting from deliveries and services subject to a discounted rate according to Article 29/2 of the VAT Law are made following an the issuance of a CPA report.

How Can Consulta Help You?

Consulta offers all types of consultancy and report preparation services related to VAT returns, with an experienced team composed of CPAs, Independent Accountant and Financial Advisors, experts and auditors. Our services also include the issuing of the required CPA reports for the delay-cancellation of VAT in domestic operations performed in pursuit of an inward processing authorization certificate, along with the abovementioned transactions and the other exceptions stated in VAT Law requiring VAT returns. In the process of compiling a VAT return, the return amounts are determined, CPA reports are issued based on subsidiary assessments, cross audits and analytical examinations are made and return operations are followed. Regulating the relationship between the taxpayer and the tax offices in line with the regulations forecasted by the tax administration and defined in legislation, issuing CPA reports required for return and offset on time, consultancy on problems faced related to returns and offset operations all fall within the scope of the services we provide. Our VAT Department, which has for many years provided services in various different sectors, offers the following services related to both VAT returns and VAT consultancy: Calculating amounts for companies entitled to VAT returns; Issuing of CPA reports required for return or offset; Consultancy related to relationships with tax offices about these subjects; Consultancy regarding issues faced related to VAT discounts, returns and offset.

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