International / Foreign Investment Tax Consultancy

International / Foreign Investment Tax Consultancy

Consulta, as the Exclusive Turkish Representative and Middle East Authorization Body of the International Network of Accountants and Auditors (INAA) group, provides significant support to customers in meeting the tax obligations that arise out of commercial activities in the national/international field, based on tax planning performed by its global service network, composed of professionals who are all experts in international tax law. Within the scope of tax planning for international/foreign investors, the company works together with its customers as a solution partner to identify opportunities from which they can benefit, to manage global task risks, and to fulfil cross-border reporting obligations and the pricing of transfers. Our expert teams, with many years of experience in the private and public sectors both in Turkey and overseas, offer services in the assessment of tax strategies and risks of customers, planning and reporting international taxes, and carrying out effective communications with tax authorities. We provide opinions and solutions that will support establishment of proactive and holistic global tax strategies, both to manage the tax risks of international/foreign investors and to ensure sustainable growth.

How Can Consulta Help You?

CONSULTANCY IN INTERNATIONAL TAX PLANNING Technical support and consultancy in creating software planning models that enable tax burden optimization, using technological tax software Consultancy in tax planning related to international investments of multinational companies through constant exchanges of information with our colleagues in overseas offices, who are experts in international tax practices Assessing international rental processes in terms of their tax dimensions Assessing the tax and other financial obligations arising out of the movement of international capital, securities and goods (Foreign Exchange, Foreign Trade Legislation etc.) Free-Zone Legislation Conducting hidden capital analyses of multinational/foreign capital companies Providing technical support and consultancy to foreign capital companies engaged in the development of projects involving large-scale investments (such as dams, tunnels, power station construction, etc.), establishing for them the best taxation model within the framework of the provisions of Turkish Tax and Financial Legislation and Double Taxation Agreements CONSULTANCY REGARDING DOUBLE TAXATION AGREEMENTS Analysing taxation related to activities involving the “workplace” Taxation of profits paid to the foreign partners in original and residential states Taxation of royalties (and licenses, know-how fees, etc.) paid to foreign institutions Analysing the taxation of payments made to the foreign companies for services provided to companies in Turkey Analysing and applying the methods (exception, offset, etc.) and procedures (mutual agreement, information exchange, etc.) to prevent double taxation in various situations Providing technical support and consultancy in the event of stoppage returns within the framework of double taxation agreements INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER PRICING Analysing transactions between related parties Price comparisons Analysing risks and making recommendations in line with the defined rules in local and double taxation legislation

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