Transfer Pricing / Hidden Capital

Transfer Pricing / Hidden Capital

Transfer Pricing refers to the pricing regulations established related to transactions between related parties for the sale of goods, provision of services, transfers of intellectual property, etc. Regardless of the dimension, this is one of the most important international tax issues faced by large companies today. Globally, transfer pricing attracts the attention of tax administrations that are looking to take their share of the global tax income. While official transfer pricing was applied only in two countries in 1994, today this number has increased to 40, which increases the risk of facing difficulties in the transfer of pricing practices for international companies. The additional taxes, interests and fines associated with the transfer pricing process carry a high risk of financial cost for companies that cannot fulfil the required standards related to this issue. In this regard, Global Solutions offers the following benefits to its customers: Prevention of double taxation Decreasing global pre-tax rates Increasing share value Information support

How Can Consulta Help You?

Our team of experts, who have undergone special training and have a deep technical knowledge of overseas applications of Transfer Pricing regulations, which are very new for Turkey, offer the following services for the identification of the financial risks faced by our customers in the field of Transfer Pricing, and for the minimization of these risks: Establishing a transfer pricing strategy through such methods as company processes and function analyses, comparative studies using exclusive database programs, etc. Revising transfer pricing strategies considering the structural commercial changes in the market and changes in the functional or organizational structure of the company. Adapting to Turkey any transfer pricing policy that may be established by overseas quarters (if any), and using any defined method. Analysing the current transfer pricing practices of the company, reviewing, analysing and determining the risk of a transfer pricing documentation process. Preparation of a periodical procedure determination request to be submitted to the Administration, along with the required information and documentation for taxpayers unversed in the procedure and managing the pre-agreement process. Providing support in communications with Revenue Administration and Courts in the event of any disputes that may arise related to transfer pricing. Preparing “Annual Transfer Pricing Reports” to be submitted to the Administration or the body authorized to conduct tax audits, upon request.

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